Individuals and businesses need to respond to updates to Regulations and Legislation. This can require changes to immediate activities or procedures and also reviews to plans and strategies for the future.

Hot HR Topics include:

  • Social media networks have expanded to give everyone the opportunity to communicate about personal and work related matters. We’ll help develop appropriate policies that work for organisations to protect business, their employees, suppliers and customers.
  • New regulations on flexible working are now in force with increased options for all employees to request changes to their working arrangements. This could enable changes to work patterns or operational structures and practices that will deliver your products and services more cost-effectively so a potential win-win. Any agreed change to working arrangements will be a formal and permanent change to the contractual documentation and should be shown as such. We help you to evaluate all the options, consultations, and procedures to manage this.
  • Default retirement ages were disallowed from October 2011. With all organisations now coming in to scope of workplace pensions with the opt-in/opt-out regulations the need to manage the competence and capability of all employees through realistic and consistent performance reviews and assessments is becoming paramount. We support your business to update procedures on this crucial element for achieving success.
  • Recently announced changes on pension scheme commitments will impact budgets and individual contracts of employment. It requires planning for the costs to your business and the individual. We’ll develop a process for you to consult with employees and plan the introduction of the necessary changes.
  • SSP rate of £94.05 per week (current from 7th April 2019)  – check the mount payble as it varies with the number of qualifying days. The standard rates for SMP, SPP and SAP are £148.68/week (or 90% of the employee’s average weekly earnings, whichever is lower). Maternity allowance is £148.68 for 39 weeks or £27/week for 14 weeks depending on eligibility criteria and amounts can be affected by other benefit payments.
  • Disability rules have been clarified to show that Type II Diabetes which is controlled through abstaining from sugary drinks is not a disability as defined under the Equalties Act 2010.

We provide the support and guidance when you need it to ensure the cost-effective practical introduction of changes to keep you up to date.

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