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Lease Agreements and Renewals

Advice and help are available for negotiations relating to changes needed during the life of a lease. At the end of the lease there are legal procedures that need to be followed whether it is to be renewed or the premises vacated. Obtaining timely professional advice is essential to ensuring you get the best deal on your property.

Ward Hill - rent reviewRent Reviews/Break Clauses

Most leases contain provision for the rent to be reviewed at regular intervals. Many modern leases also allow the tenant to break the lease and vacate the property before the end of the term. We can advise and act on your behalf in the negotiations to ensure you get the best deal.


Ward Hill - Town PlanningTown Planning

If you wish to make changes to your building or alter the use to which the premises are put then the likelihood is that you will need planning consent. We can advise and act on your behalf to negotiate a planning consent suitable for your purposes and future plans for your property.


Ward Hill property adviceStrategic Property Advice

Before embarking on changes to your commercial property it pays to take professional advice and guidance. We have experience in dealing with most types of property from the single building to large estates or property portfolios.


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